I need to print this and frame it at the foot of my bed right now.

feb 27th


Rebound Headache is back

Bloody hell. It is as I had feared: Rebound headache take 2. And I am at one of the peaks tonight. Oh boy could this get more fun!!! I thought I had long cleared this hurdle. I had no idea I would ever have to clear it again. Not sure if it is really a second one or still the first but a second round of not fun. It seems every time I am on the verge of feeling better something else or the same thing knocks me back down. Trying really hard to keep spirits up because I know it could be so much worse but a continuous pain in the head for 2 weeks wears on yah. I had a few points today that were bearable, so it isn’t 100% excruciating all the time. It’s just always there and sometimes it’s just really bad. But I’m not really functioning. I’ve been in bed or on the couch for 2 weeks now. I’m on leave for sure until the March 5th.

Feb27th meme


Alien puncture update

Jessica Maurer: Hopefully your infected wounds aren’t from this

CDC investigates deadly bacteria’s link to doctors’ offices

Not really sure. I woke up while in the hospital with them. I thought it was a rash when I woke up.  My best guess is that I scratched through my blue shirt. That picture is the very first morning that I found the wounds.

Feb 19th

Feb 26th 1

Febuary 20th

Feb 26th 3feb 26th 2

February 24th

Feb 26th 4

February 26th Before and after peroxide

IMG_4157Feb 26th 5

Yah wanna know know something even weirder? I just cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and pulled the scab because it has concerned me all along. Under the scab is light blue. And the mystery continues. Still nothing swollen and it doesn’t hurt and no fever. Just weird. I am going to have my husband take a look tonight. As for puncture vs scratch. There just is no possible explanation besides conspiracy that could explain what could have happened.  Man now I’m getting worried again . It is so deep. I only cleaned out the one but you can see how deep it is and the blue color is still there. Maybe I will call the hospital floor where I stayed and see what they say.  But really I do think it is ok just weird.

(In the end, both wounds finally healed, but a year later I still have significant scars from these mysterious wounds.  So very weird)


No Desire to Leave

It has been almost 2 weeks since I went into the hospital. I was there for 6 days and never had any desire to leave my room. I have now been home for a week and have only left one time for a dr apt on Mon. Other than that I really have had little desire to leave the house. I know we live out in the middle of nowhere but I am up for visitors, even though I don’t want to leave I will always be social and I am off work for sure through March 5th.
I think when I want to start going places, maybe this will be the indicator that I am on the mend. So weird to not be experiencing cabin fever at all. In fact I don’t even want to leave my room much. I know I will and I
look forward to those days ahead.


Safe Travels Mom and Dad

Sad to see my parents go! Safe travels back to Florida Sherry Dunne Weaver and Bob Weaver. I wanted to thank you for all you have done: helping with the Drs at the hospitals, driving me to Drs apt, laundry,
vacuuming, dishes, more laundry, meals, more laundry, more dishes, sorting and organizing and organizing and sorting, playing with kids, play-doh parties, school work, filling my water bottle, and heating my rice bag over and over. So thank you again and Drive Safe!!


Light Sensitivity/Alien puncture update

Apparently my light sensitivity was much greater than I realized. I just hung blankets over the windows in my bedroom and wow (little did I know they would remain on the windows for almost a year until I replaced them with room darkening shades), what a difference. Looks like I will be hunkering down in here for the foreseeable future because we do not have a blanket big enough to cover the bay window in our living room. But wow, do my eyes feel so much better. Good thing my bed is comfy.

Just an update on the very weird blue fanged cat vampire bat fang bites only acquired at the hospital. Healing up just fine. Still look weird but the itch so I know they are healing. Thanks to those of you who gave advice. I don’t think we’ll ever really know what happened.  It’s the size of a pencil eraser maybe a little bigger. I just did a little looking on CDC and there is no swelling or tenderness. The black looks weird but is really due to the dye in my shirt likely. And when it scabbed it turned black. I will definitely keep an eye on it and I will be back to the dr in a week. I meant to show him on Mon but forgot. To much to talk about with the head.

Feb 26th 3



The Plan v 2.0 – Dr. Wulff

I kept waiting to do an update because things were plugging along with little to no change with a headache that was always there but I was learning ways to cope with it by taking showers and lots of naps. The medicine was making me extremely tired and I was napping a lot. I am also adjusting to being home; the sounds, the lights, the smells even. I am still preferring a dark quiet room though which is to be expected with a headache of any kind. I am starting to gain back some energy as well. The Dr told me that it would take 3 days for every day I was bed ridden to recover. Ugh! 3 weeks to regain the strength I lost during my hospital stay.

Yesterday I went for a follow up apt with my family dr and we have a game plan. I am so grateful that my dr understands Topomax both on a personal and professional level. I feel so much better knowing that I am in good care. So that is good. However, after every Dr visit over the past 6 weeks something always and I mean always got worse. And this visit was no exception, nothing major. But my headache got worse within hours of going to the Dr, nothing drastic but the headache kicked it up a few notches which is a big bummer but not entirely unexpected really. It could also be the weather adding to things. The Drs said the worst of this rebound headache would be for the first couple of weeks and then only time will tell. But it sure is making me start to wonder whether or not I should just stop going to the Dr altogether:).

At any rate dark, quiet places are my friend and are truly lovely.

On a positive note: Gideon got excepted into the Great Start Readiness Program for next year. How exciting!!! My little boy is
going to preschool!!!

feb 24th


Solitude to chaos = Anxiety

After 6 days of almost complete solitude, I am having difficulty adjusting to all the various noises, children’s voices (loud and always speaking at once while banging on something) and sounds my house makes that I had somehow forgotten about. The solitude in combination with this wretched headache (which has really reared its head at different times throughout the day especially right now) has me now hiding out in my oh so lovely bathroom. No it’s not really that bad, it’s just nice and dark and my
mom brought the heater up and put it in here today and the heat feels really good. Bedtime with the boys is more than I can handle right now. For a week now I have only heard one voice speaking at a time. I haven’t really even watched TV. So when my head is really hurting and it is bedtime I am sooooo thankful that my mom stepped in to help finish the process:). I think I am about ready for bed!!


Home again, Home again

I’m going home!!! Luckily my mom and Bob are there to take help take care of me and my boys.

Utterly exhausted. It turns out that only walking back and forth to the bathroom for 6 days leaves you quite weak. I made 2 trips to the bedroom and 1 to the kitchen and I am short of breath feel like I need a nap. Only I just woke up from a 3 hour nap an hour ago. Guess I am going to have to ease into home life a little slower. They told me that for every hour of bed rest it would take two hours to recover. Head is feeling ok still but I can tell meds are wearing off and I can’t take another until tomorrow night. I’m good with that because it is the means by which I will prevent another rebound headache. Everything is so bright at home though so until the sun sets I will be sporting lovely sunglasses:). It’s pretty fashionable anyway. No change on the unexplained blue fang marks so that’s good. Overall glad to be home and it is soooo great to see the kids and snuggle with my Gideon.

feb 20th

Thank you to those of you who have provided meals to our family this week. What a blessing our church family and our friends and family have been. By the way who made the taco lasagna. It is awesome!!