Spinal Headache

My plan was to write a post today with good news that the headache had subsided with all but a trace of it remaining. I felt great this morning went in to work. Around 10:30 I noticed a slight increase in pressure in my head and by 11:45 it was a full blown massive headache. I tried to push through. I did some work but by 1:00 when I dropped my badge and went to pick it up I felt like someone had kicked me in the head. I rested my head down on my arms on a chair and the pain subsided but returned with intensity.

I finally made my way out of work to a dr apt I had for today with my allergist. He suspected that I had a spinal headache from the spinal tap I had at the ER the other day. GREAT!!!! So I laid in my car for awhile not knowing how I would get home but finally worked up my courage knowing that laying down at home was the only thing I needed. I stopped on my way home to lay down and finally arrived home, knuckles white. I was in so much pain (even more than the migraine).  And now I lay here with very little headache knowing that if I have to stand up the pain will come piercing back.

Ugh! Just grateful that laying down gives relief. Now if only I could find the tv remote. Haha! The saga continues!!  I’m hoping that by noon tomorrow all will be well. Otherwise I have to go in for a blood patch to stop the spinal fluid from leaking. Luckily Dan is working at home tomorrow:). It’s the small blessings that I am counting tonight!!




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