Rebound Headache is back

Bloody hell. It is as I had feared: Rebound headache take 2. And I am at one of the peaks tonight. Oh boy could this get more fun!!! I thought I had long cleared this hurdle. I had no idea I would ever have to clear it again. Not sure if it is really a second one or still the first but a second round of not fun. It seems every time I am on the verge of feeling better something else or the same thing knocks me back down. Trying really hard to keep spirits up because I know it could be so much worse but a continuous pain in the head for 2 weeks wears on yah. I had a few points today that were bearable, so it isn’t 100% excruciating all the time. It’s just always there and sometimes it’s just really bad. But I’m not really functioning. I’ve been in bed or on the couch for 2 weeks now. I’m on leave for sure until the March 5th.

Feb27th meme


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