Hospital Admittance #3: Chelsea Hospital MHNI

On our way to Chelsea to the inpatient Michigan head-pain neurological institute. My insurance has approved the stay and I will be there for 7-10 days. Trusting that God’s got this!

The 2nd of many trips my mom and I would be making to Chelsea Community Hospital

March 31st on our way

My set up: Check out the crock pot at my side to heat my rice bags.  They actually let me keep it the entire time 🙂

Gideon and his Olaf that he made this morning with Grandma. He was so proud and a little sad when it had fallen over and started to melt this afternoon.

March 31st

All settled and dinner ordered just waiting to see the nurse to find out what the plan is.  A few questions I got on FB during the first day at Chelsea.

Heather Loose Johnson And after 4 attempts they finally got an IV started.
Amy Rogers looks like we had the same problem
Carrie McHugh David Please keep me posted. I hope you get some answers
Heather Loose Johnson I definitely will. I so wish insurance wasn’t so stupid and that you could be here too
Carrie McHugh David Me too! I just don’t want to go through the same testing that I have already gone through, so I am curious to see what test they are doing to you.
Heather Loose Johnson The only thing they had me do was the EEG and EKG because I just had the MRI, MRA and MRV. I just met with the Drs and they did not mention any tests just various drugs they are going to try. To knock this sucker down. I woke today with one of the headaches very diminished but the longer I am awake the more it comes back. But I will take 20 minutes of relief to start the day . It just sucks that it has to come back a feeling you know better than most. Do you know why yours started or did they never figure that out for you?
Cindyheath Robert Alling Are all the teats coming back normal?
Heather Loose Johnson Yes my tests are normal hehe and so are all of my test results.


Head pain and the Unknown

I still don’t know if and/or when I will be going into the inpatient program. They are still trying to make sure my case fits all the criteria for my insurance to cover the stay. So 8 calls later I still know nothing. The stress of not knowing has not helped on the headache front. It has been horrible yesterday and today. I am having a difficult time Letting Go and Letting God. I know God’s in control but the whole relax thing is not going so well. Nine weeks straight of head pain really starts to wear a person down.

March 31st BS

I finally got the call and we head to Chelsea Hospital in Chelsea MI for the inpatient program through MHNI.  I really hope they can figure something out with these headaches and migraines.



Update: I will be heading to Chelsea for the MHNI inpatient program on Monday or Tuesday. Insurance will approve as long as it is 15 days between hospitalizations. So I get to see Dan and Josiah for the weekend and go in on Mon/Tues.

Today I was extremely fatigued. Blood pressure was low again midday and I woke with my head hurting bad today which usually doesn’t come on strong until midday. So today I spent mostly in bed. I had been getting to the point where I was up and about (not really doing much but at least awake) more than I was in bed but not today. Today I was simply fatigued with the same bad headache that is my constant companion. Hopefully I can rally for a bit because Dan and Josiah are on their way.

Merry Dunne Blades Oh Heather, it doesn’t seem fair that such a sweet person as you has to suffer so.
Heather Loose Johnson Someday hopefully my experience will help someone in return


The Plan v. 9.0 MHNI

Just waiting for the doors to open at the Michigan Head-Pain Neurological Institute.  The drive went well…now to go through hours and hours of Dr. apts.

Oh and I got to get a fun  EEG/EKG and blood work.


Apparently laying in bed for 6 weeks or laying in a recliner means that muscles required for sitting for hours in a chair are gone (deconditioning is hard to recover from). I hadn’t realized that I would be so sore from sitting in a chair.

On a more positive note MHNI is planning on admitting me into their intensive inpatient program for head/pain management. I should know tomorrow if my insurance will approve it and when I will be admitted. I am to expect a stay of 5-10 days if all goes according to plan.


Preparing for MHNI apt

Update: I have an apt with Michigan head/pain neurological institute (MHNI) tomorrow. They will run a variety of tests and meetings with several drs. By the end of the day they are supposed to come up with a
plan to be seen on an outpatient basis or if they will admit me to the inpatient program. So prayers for God’s guidance and wisdom. Also prayers because it is going to be a long day.

I had a couple of days where I had some relief and while it was wonderful to have the break from the constant awful pain, I had to be in a quiet, dark with minimal stimulation. Last night and today I came out of the dark and started talking more and watching some TV and the full blown headache is back. TV and conversation are big migraine triggers, also light, noise and over stimulation.  So prayers that I get some sleep tonight as well. We have to leave at 5am.

They are hoping and planning on admitting me to the inpatient program as long as insurance approves the stay. If they do they are hoping to get me in early next week and plan on a 5-10 day stay. I should know  tomorrow afternoon.

March 24th


Snuggles with my Buddy!

Snuggles with my buddy today are helping a ton. He also gives me hugs whenever he sees me to help make my headache go away. Let’s just say I needed lots of hugs and snuggles today. A headache that took hold last night still remains very intense.

March 20th
Good news: I got an apt with MHNI next Wednesday to determine if in patient care is a next step for me.  The apt takes all day in addition to 4 hours round trip of driving. So prayers will be much appreciated next