Dinner Fail

So my first real attempt at helping with dinner was a major fail and by helping I mean turning on the oven and inserting a wonderful lasagna precooked from Kara Therese Hagedon. How does one fail? I put the lasagna in the oven and went back to my room for an hour or so.  I started to smell something that wasn’t quite like what the last lasagna smelled like. I came to take it out and smelled something very fragrant but couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I panicked thinking there was a bag of cheese I was supposed to spread. Phew. Nope. I searched the house and then found the melting plastic in the oven. There had been something stuck to the bottom of the tinfoil pan. Still not sure what it was honestly and I hope I wasn’t something important?? So thankfully I didn’t actually ruin dinner we just had to run all the fans to get the stink out. The Lasagna was fabulous!!


Kara Therese Hagedon finally solved the mystery for me.  She replied “Oh no! It was the pan’s lid! I put it underneath the pan to fit it in the bag! I’m so sorry!”  At least I finally figured out what it was and once the plastic cooled it came right off the rack.  



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