Update: I will be heading to Chelsea for the MHNI inpatient program on Monday or Tuesday. Insurance will approve as long as it is 15 days between hospitalizations. So I get to see Dan and Josiah for the weekend and go in on Mon/Tues.

Today I was extremely fatigued. Blood pressure was low again midday and I woke with my head hurting bad today which usually doesn’t come on strong until midday. So today I spent mostly in bed. I had been getting to the point where I was up and about (not really doing much but at least awake) more than I was in bed but not today. Today I was simply fatigued with the same bad headache that is my constant companion. Hopefully I can rally for a bit because Dan and Josiah are on their way.

Merry Dunne Blades Oh Heather, it doesn’t seem fair that such a sweet person as you has to suffer so.
Heather Loose Johnson Someday hopefully my experience will help someone in return


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