Urgent Care visit #3: the day after Hospital discharge

Came home with sore throat and all kinds of crud, so I decided to head into the Mid-Michigan Urgent Care-Midland to get it checked out.  The picture below is after I tried to brush the gunk off of my tongue.  So gross!


I didn’t want to get anything else and I wasn’t really sure what was going on with my throat and tongue so I am protecting myself.  There were many people in the urgent care that were coughing up a lung so I just decided to be proactive.  But on a positive note, my hair is clean and shiny.  

April 15th ER

Update: appears to be a viral throat and mouth infection. I was thinking that it was thrush and it still could be.  The swab was to confirm a negative on the strep test but that takes 48 hours to get the results. So hot tea it is for me.  Thank you to Dawn Sprenger Loose (my sister in law) for the awesome cookies. They are nut free. Yay! So peppermint tea and a shortbread cookie and all should be well.

April 17th


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