Nerve Block Temporary Success

Had a great day! The steroids from the nerve block really calmed the headache down. And then today I got my numbing spray for the nerves/trigger point. My mom Sherry Dunne Weaver and I had quite a time figuring it out but we got it. But both the steroid combined with the spray and I got. To be functional today. I hope the steroid lasts longer than they anticipate because I it so wonderful to be functional.

However, some of the meds are leaving it difficult to concentrate or think very. Always side effects. But we went to Walgreens and 1 garage sale this morning and then out to dinner to at the restaurant where Login Loose made some rockin nachos. And at the end of the night still a low level headache. I am going to be so bummed when steroids wear off. But will enjoy my time of relief.

I have been so very thankful for my parents taking us in and for taking care of us!


A really funny meme to brighten my day and yours…especially since this is the 100th post I wrote.

April 24th


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