Home again, Home again

Massage by Gideon. Login Loose you may have an apprentice sooner than you thought. Who needs preschool. Fun evening!!

the procedure that they did a week ago Friday has brought me a great deal of relief and with relief comes a feeling of Joy and elation and the sense of freedom from the horrendous pain. I still have a moderate headache that consists of more of a dull pain but the pain that I can ignore most of the time. Unfortunately I way over did it this weekend I think. Monday will be have to be a day of rest. Sounds like a fun day to be doing taxes.

So now I need to set some personal limits and stick to them. But it sure has felt good to have energy and motivation and pain that I could manage.

Unfortunately with an increase in motivation and energy means that I have been doing more and more and the nerve damage that was done by an IV during my stay at Chelsea is now becoming more and more painful the more I use it, to the point of not being able to use it without a fair amount. so ice and heat for my arm until my next appointment. Luckily I have a brace that I am able to wear that helps remind me not to use it as much.

But overall I really am feeling much better and pray for that to continue of course. Thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming because the headaches are not gone and the pain in my wrist and arm continue to increase. I will also find out tomorrow if they are terminating me from my job for being gone for so long or if they will extend my leave of absence. so continued prayers really are coveted.

May 31st

Quick update: My leave of absence has been extended through June 10th, my next set of appointments.


Recovery and Memorial Day

The boys all ready for the Memorial Day Parade. I’m not quite up for a parade just yet.  So grandma and grandpa took them down to the parade.  Plus the recovery from the surgery is not going so great.  May 25th

I have been recovering at my parents. Yesterday and today were rough so I finally called into the nurse line and they let me have a second dose of Toradol today. So I am doing a little better today. The injection area where nerve is starting to die and is causing a good deal of pain. They said this pain would last a week or so and that the effect of the procedure will take 2-3 weeks. Just a waiting period now. Botox on June 10th which is again a waiting period.

As far as my job goes, I have no idea at all. FMLA has run out and apparently they have until June 1st to tell me if I have been terminated or if they will extend my leave. So it is out of my control and completely in Gods.

In the meantime we are enjoying our stay at Grandma and Grandpas house for the week. Gideon always loves hangin out here.

Here are a few more pics from our stay:


Garage Sales

IMG_4581Ready to go to some garage Sales. Just a couple. I am feeling very well this morning PTL. They warned of severe head pain. So I iced 20 minutes each side for 8 hrs and did a Toradol injection to help with swelling. I will take out the ice pack before going into the sale.

So excited about my garage sale find today. I love love love my new purse and I have been wanting a thirty one lined bag for my swim stuff. $20 for both in perfect condition. Worth it for me.

May 23rd


Trigeminal neuralgia

One night of insomnia due to nerves about the surgery and a second night reading about the newest diagnosis and reading about it. They diagnosed me with Trigeminal neuralgia and that is why I had the surgery. It is also known as 5th nerve neuralgia. Usually it happens on only one side but I am the lucky 3% that gets to experience both side. I am also an Atypical type that is constant. It feels good to have a diagnosis but I also know that this may or may not be the end. But progress continues.

Dawn Tomlin: I’m up too. Just going to bed.
Shannen Rowe Dubose: The lavender I mailed you can help bring you sleep Heather.
Katie Marl: I’m glad to hear you are getting some answers. More prayers!
Vicki Kuhlman Johnson: Is it possible to go on long term disability with this diagnosis?
Heather Loose Johnson: Not sure yet. Just trying get my loa extended for another couple of months to try these new techniques out. I will start the paperwork process for LTD this weekend though.
Mindy Richmond: Huh. That was how they diagnosed my first MS symptom, but I was later told that was wrong. The left side of my face was numb, but I had no pain. Hadn’t heard that term in years! I’m glad they are not giving up until they get this figured out smile emoticon
Merry Dunne Blades: Oh Heather, you are a rare breed…….. Still praying for good things to come for you.
Heather Loose Johnson: Mindy Richmond I thought of you when they told me the diagnosis. I remember all that you went through in the beginning of your unwanted journey. There is a possibility that my B12 deficiency made me susceptible to this and that the anaphylaxis pushed everything in motion. My opinion based on my Google Degree
Heather Loose Johnson: Aunt Merry I am pretty sure that the possibility of me having this was 1 in a zillion. Makes me pretty special!!
Marybeth French: Hope this is the beginning of a number of wonderful days ahead for you Heather, what an ordeal.
(In retrospect, this was not one of my diagnoses.  I misunderstood the doctor.  It is simply the trigeminal nerves that are swollen and irritated that he believes are causing the majority of my problems.  The trigeminal nerves effect much of the forehead, temples, jaw and down to the neck.)

Winter/Summer ;)

An answer to one prayer. I was able to get the Radio Frequency Nerve root Ablation procedure scheduled for tomorrow when my parents were already planning on coming down. Definitely feeling the hand of God on this. PTL. Kristen Long good advice!!  So I decided that it was a good day to shave my legs.  Plus I have PT later today and thought it would be a good idea 😉

I survived ETran, walked a half a mile, had a great lunch and will now get a very painful massage also known as PT. Always feels better later but not much fun during. Good thing my physical therapist is really nice.

This is exactly what I am trying to lean on.

May 21st 3



Heads up this is a woe is me post

It was a great week of relief! But I knew the end of that relief was coming. Headaches are back in full. My job will only be held through next Monday and HR is not telling me anything except that my insurance is good through the end of May for sure. However the procedures that they believe will help long term are scheduled for next month which means whatever insurance I go on May or may not cover the procedures. Limbo is such a hard place to be and it is the hardest place to trust that God has a plan for me. And on the midst of all this worrying my headache just gets worse. I do try to relax and trust that God is in control and then I panic. I’m just scared and in pain to boot. I just wish for once that my HR department would realize how much worse they are making my headaches. They have been pretty terrible through this whole process even forgetting to tell me I wouldn’t get paid without specific documents. I just wish they had been more helpful and more compassionate through it all. But such is life and once again I have let go and let God. Aaaagggghhhhh. In the end I just wish these headaches would go away.

Kristen Long: Praying for you Heather. You should get COBRA insurance to carry you through if your job ends but could also see if they can move up your treatment
Heather Loose Johnson: I don’t know if any of the procedures could get moved up? Is Cobra the same insurance or is it a whole new insurance with new deductibles. We finally reached our maximum out of pocket. I just don’t know much about cobra except that it is very expensive.
Lisa Maier Hutchinson: Usually it is the same insurance just you pay the whole bill your part plus company part. What are the FMLA Laws. I know with maternally leave they have to hold your job 6 months. But I’m not sure if that’s flma or government job rules. I heard an add on the radio about a study they are doing in an experimental medication for migraines I’ll have to see if I catch it again to get website. They pay for all tests and stuff
Heather Loose JohnsonFMLA ends for me on May 25th. Meaning they no longer have to keep my job for me. Beyond that HR is being very tight lipped.

Lisa Maier Hutchinson: Oh man. That’s rough. I’ll be praying for ya Ok my prayer warrior friends. After time in prayer I have been given a specific prayer to pray while laying all of the other burdens at the foot of the cross. I/we are to pray for a continued leave of absence. So anytime my mind starts spiraling in the wrong direction this is what I will refocus my prayers.

Ok my prayer warrior friends. After time in prayer I have been given a specific prayer to pray while laying all of the other burdens at the foot of the cross. I/we are to pray for a continued leave of absence. So anytime my mind starts spiraling in the wrong direction this is what I will refocus my prayers.

Pictures in May…with my real Camera

This first group of pictures was from May 14th through May 19th…the nerve block was amazing!!!!  It was so much fun to get my camera back out.  These were the first pictures I took since January that weren’t on my iPhone.

The rest of the pictures from May were taken in Midland at my mom’s.  These pics were from May 23rd the day after I had the Radio-frequency nerve root ablation and I was taking Toradol shots every 12 hours to keep all pain at bay.  So once again I was able to get my camera out for a few minutes.


Garage Sales Next Door! Yay!!!

Because I am still in the relief period from the nerve block, this could not have come at a better time I am so excited that all of my neighbors were having garage sales today. It was so great to get out for a walk and to go to several garage sales too!!

I took this picture when I started down the road and encountered my first garage sale sign.  I was beyond excited when I saw it so I had to take a picture!!

May 15th