S’mores hand Delivered by my Kids

May 1st 2

Last week I had the nerve block done at the trigger point or nerves that are possibly causing the severe migraines and it gave me wonderful relief for about 7 1/2 days. Don’t get me wrong the headache has never left me in the 15 weeks since it all started but it was just at a level that I could mentally and physically handle hence the relief. It was so wonderful to feel free and functional and able to do even small tasks. It really was great. I was able to spend time with my family, eat out, balance my checkbook, worked on my taxes, took walks, and I was even able to make dinner.

The doctor told me that the steroids that they use in the injection would probably last about a week so I kept waiting for the headache to come and it finally did after I went for the walk yesterday. But I was so hoping that when I woke up today I would feel better And that the headache wasn’t really back at a much higher level of pain but I was wrong. I’ve pretty much been down all day nonfunctional in bed resting so that maybe there’s a chance that when I wake up tomorrow it will be a little better.

There are so many things that trigger my headaches or at least increase the level of the headache because the headache is always there. Things like talking for long periods of time with someone or putting my chin to my chest when I’m trying to pick up stuff off the floor or sneezing or coughing or overexerting myself like going for a long walk, and any thing cold. Which is why I just stayed in bed today to give my body a day of rest and like I said earlier I’m really hoping that I will wake up tomorrow and the headache will be at a lower level of pain.

On the bright side the nerve block is often used as a diagnostic tool and the fact that my headache May 1stwas low level and I was functional for that whole week is great news it’s a bummer it didn’t last longer obviously but I think
they’re on the right track and will just have to wait and see when I go back to the doctor on May 12th.

I didn’t feel well at all today and stayed in bed and rested with a pain level of 4 all day.  I did use the Ethyl chloride spray in order to have dinner with the family.  Then went back to bed.

The family decided to do a bon fire, but I was not feeling up to going outside , so my kiddos brought me in a s’more because they know how much I love them:)  And it was yummy!



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