My 3-day Migraine patter begins to Emerge

Saturday May 2nd: In bed all day, completely non-functional with a tension headache that returned along with the pain in my forehead (mostly between my eyes).  I had to take Toradol shot today and it did give me some relief, but not very functional

Sunday May 3rd: Same as Sat.  I was in bed all day and completely non-functional.  I also did a Toradol shot and used the spray for some fast relief to have dinner with the family.

Monday May 4th: The head pain finally let up a bit, the pain was back to my baseline of 3…so I decided to do some computer work (trying to get the house listed).  But the computer is a main trigger for migraines and my head pain increased to a 4 very quickly.  So I decided to take a shower to help relieve the pain and then rested for the rest of the night at a baseline of 3.




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