Garage Sales Next Door! Yay!!!

Because I am still in the relief period from the nerve block, this could not have come at a better time I am so excited that all of my neighbors were having garage sales today. It was so great to get out for a walk and to go to several garage sales too!!

I took this picture when I started down the road and encountered my first garage sale sign.  I was beyond excited when I saw it so I had to take a picture!!

May 15th


2 thoughts on “Garage Sales Next Door! Yay!!!

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts. My husband suffers from chronic back pain. He was hurt at work and was on medical leave for five years. He has consolidated fractures from the neck down to the tush. He’s been back to work for a year or so, part-time at first (manageable pain) then full-time (non-manageable, ER room, hospital stay, debilitating pain). His employer just let him go, but our family doctor just says that the tests results show that he “shouldn’t” be in constant, sometimes debilitating pain, so he can go back to work. Often, he can’t even walk across the living room without a cane or leaning against furniture. None of the numerous medicines he’s been perscribed have helped manage the pain, but they do have side-effects. He’s followed by a team of specialists, no one has any answers.
    All that to say, I somewhat understand what you write about in your blogs. It helps me to pray for you, to better understand, help and pray for my husband.
    Thanks for putting yourself out there!!!!


    • The doctors can be so frustrating especially when a few tests say that you should not be in pain therefore you can work. Ridiculous!! I’m so sorry that he has lost his job again. I cried and cried that day. I felt like a failure to my family. But I was soon able to reconcile that with we are dealt the hand we are dealt and it’s not my fault! It has taken me a very long time to get there though. I too will add your husband and family to my prayer list.


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