Home again, Home again

Massage by Gideon. Login Loose you may have an apprentice sooner than you thought. Who needs preschool. Fun evening!!

the procedure that they did a week ago Friday has brought me a great deal of relief and with relief comes a feeling of Joy and elation and the sense of freedom from the horrendous pain. I still have a moderate headache that consists of more of a dull pain but the pain that I can ignore most of the time. Unfortunately I way over did it this weekend I think. Monday will be have to be a day of rest. Sounds like a fun day to be doing taxes.

So now I need to set some personal limits and stick to them. But it sure has felt good to have energy and motivation and pain that I could manage.

Unfortunately with an increase in motivation and energy means that I have been doing more and more and the nerve damage that was done by an IV during my stay at Chelsea is now becoming more and more painful the more I use it, to the point of not being able to use it without a fair amount. so ice and heat for my arm until my next appointment. Luckily I have a brace that I am able to wear that helps remind me not to use it as much.

But overall I really am feeling much better and pray for that to continue of course. Thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming because the headaches are not gone and the pain in my wrist and arm continue to increase. I will also find out tomorrow if they are terminating me from my job for being gone for so long or if they will extend my leave of absence. so continued prayers really are coveted.

May 31st

Quick update: My leave of absence has been extended through June 10th, my next set of appointments.


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