Cleaning Party: Free Food

6/10/15 If anyone would like free food in trade for cleaning and painting our rental house we are planning a work day for this Sat from 10 am until whenever, we would love it. We are so ready to sell this place to eliminate one of the biggest burdens we have. It is really to bad that there are people that would leave a house so trashed or how could they break a lease by having cats and let them pee and spray everywhere, or how they could live in such filth. Luckily family and friends have been cleaning and cleaning and doing our best to remove cat odor. But we have indoor and outdoor projects that need to be done. Big back yard and there will be other kids and a slip and slide to boot. I will be supervising the kids. Let us know. Thanks!!!

Mike Richmond: When is this going down?
Heather Loose Johnson: Just edited the post. Thanks!
Mike Richmond: What we eatin’?
Heather Loose Johnson: Not sure yet! That’s too much planning for today 😅
Mindy Richmond: For odor removal. Super good stuff. Owner of the company is a former client of mine.
Stephanie Jordan: Just need the address, and I’ll be there smile emoticon need me to bring anything?
Paul-Dorraya WeaverWhen poor Fitch got inflammatory bowel disease and started peeing outside of the box (and it was also a side-effect of the steroids he needed to help him keep food down — uggghh) — the vet recommended this stuff — and it works pretty well although may take a couple of tries: Nature’s Miracle Stain and Order, Nature’s Enzyme Formula. Boy cat pee has that ammonia-like smell — so also baking soda mixed with dish detergent followed by a good spray down wit vinegar can help!
Heather Loose Johnson: We have done several things you guys have recommended. We are getting closer to the source. We have an ozone machine and the we will seal the basement floors. Not sure about rest.
Sherry Dunne Weaver: The house was too light during the day to use a black light to tell where their one is, but using peroxide/baking soda solution foams when in contact, and most of the basement floor foamed, much of hard flooring on main floor, especially door sills,etc all three floors were covered. So much around the furnace, spread odor throughout the whole house. I did get the Natures product, but could have used gallons I think.
Merry Dunne Blades: Unbelievable. What is the matter with some people.

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