Friends and Pandora

6/14/15 After church today (which increased my head pain due to the microphone and loud music..which is a real bummer) we met up with Dawn and her family.  Her dad was lending us an ozone machine to see if we could get rid of the urine smells.  Then we went out to dinner!  Good times but by the end of it all I was in a ton of pain and needed to head home to relax and reduce the head pain.

While listening to pandora and relaxing 3 songs came on back to back that dealt with my current situation in life. My job loss and that God knew i would be at this place and would be here and will carry me on if I let him. My body image after such a long period of inactivity. Let’s just say it’s not great. The second song that came on was “There’s Not Another Beautiful You” God knows every inch of me and loves me. Third song was “Impossible”. About reaching for our dreams.

I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.




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