Botox: MHNI visit #6

6/18/15 My insurance company finally approved the Botox for 3 rounds of injections through the end of the year. Headaches have been pretty awful lately so I am really hoping this does something positive.

June 18th

Botox is done. It was awful…30 injections in my face, around my head, down my neck and shoulders.  So yay!  No more wrinkles.  I did have to do a Toradol shot, so I am feeling a lot better now.  So my mom and I went off to lunch at Five Guys Burger where I was sorely disappointed because their fries are deep fried in Peanut Oil (allergic to peanuts) and the oil was everywhere. Just hoping I don’t have a reaction. Then off to Trader Joes where I bought spicy California roll and the very best spicy black bean dip!

On our way home to rest. Long morning!!  Unfortunately the peanut oil or the California roll hit me bad on the drive home…first the bloating (I can literally feel my pants get tighter) then the gas and then the cramping.  Luckily I had my antihistamines with me and took it but I always feel crappy for several hours after..until the bloating and gas and cramping stop.

So all in all a fun day ūüôā  Haha!



Big Day

6/15/2015 Monday’s are great!  I went to McDonalds (and not in the play room) to relax alone while waiting for a script to be filled. After a crazy and emotional week last week it feels wonderful to be alone and peaceful.

June 15th meme 2

Since I was feeling well all morning I went off to Walmart to do some shopping.  I was doing well but then fatigue hit, so I had to sit in the shoe dept and rest.  Fatigue is a pain in the butt.  Just when I think I am getting ahead, then I am knocked back down.

Then Gideon and I had dentist appointments tonight.  Gideon was really excited about first dental visit and he did awesome.  I was feeling nothing but anxiety about the sounds and pain I would likely feel so I did a Toradol shot in the dentists office.  By the end I was exhausted and ready to go home and to bed.

Tuesday: The following day I spent the day in bed resting and recovering from the Big Day on Monday.  I slept for 14 hours and when I did wake I had bad blurred vision and double vision.

Wednesday: Another bad head pain day.  In bed again all day.  I finally tried Imitrex and the side effects were awful.  Within about 10 minutes of taking the medication my head started to constrict…which sucks when your head already hurts.  Even though there were terrible side effects, at least it reduced the head pain.  But not likely to take it again.


Friends and Pandora

6/14/15 After church today (which increased my head pain due to the microphone and loud music..which is a real bummer) we met up with Dawn and her family.  Her dad was lending us an ozone machine to see if we could get rid of the urine smells.  Then we went out to dinner!  Good times but by the end of it all I was in a ton of pain and needed to head home to relax and reduce the head pain.

While listening to pandora and relaxing 3 songs came on back to back that dealt with my current situation in life. My job loss and that God knew i would be at this place and would be here and will carry me on if I let him. My body image after such a long period of inactivity. Let’s just say it’s not great. The second song that came on was “There’s Not Another Beautiful You” God knows every inch of me and loves me. Third song was “Impossible”. About reaching for our dreams.

I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.




Rental Property Nightmare

6/12/15 Saturday: A huge thank you today to my mom and dad, Mike and Mindy Richmond, Stephanie and Jared Jordan. We had the perfect number!!! We got 2 bedrooms and a living room painted.  Just need to do trim and doors in the bedrooms. And the guys tackled an enormous project.  Since the renters did not have trash removal for two years. They burned everything and dumped the ashes and big stuff behind the garage. Unbelievable!! How can people live in such filth. But feeling so grateful for all the help. We couldn’t have made this kind of progress without you. The house really is beginning to look amazing.



6/12/15 As of today I am no longer an employee at Neogen; I have been terminated. So many questionable acts by HR and so much stress that they put me through.  So many of my migraines were a result of increased stress due to the idiocracy of the HR department at Neogen.   But like Josiah said “at least you are on vacation for the rest of the summer”. Glass half full kiddo indeed.


Today was one of the worst days all year and that is saying a lot.  But then again it was such a relief to know what was going on…I finally knew where I stood with Neogen and now I just had to worry about Short Term Disability which should be approved through Aug 6th as far as I know.  So unfortunately I still have to deal with HR..ugh.

And of course they wait until Friday at 4:00 pm to give me the news.  Oh and the way they spoke to my mother made me want to strangle them.  I have never been so embarrassed by an employer.  As soon as I walked out of the building I began crying tears of so many emotions.


Cleaning Party: Free Food

6/10/15 If anyone would like free food in trade for cleaning and painting our rental house we are planning a work day for this Sat from 10 am until whenever, we would love it. We are so ready to sell this place to eliminate one of the biggest burdens we have. It is really to bad that there are people that would leave a house so trashed or how could they break a lease by having cats and let them pee and spray everywhere, or how they could live in such filth. Luckily family and friends have been cleaning and cleaning and doing our best to remove cat odor. But we have indoor and outdoor projects that need to be done. Big back yard and there will be other kids and a slip and slide to boot. I will be supervising the kids. Let us know. Thanks!!!

Mike Richmond: When is this going down?
Heather Loose Johnson: Just edited the post. Thanks!
Mike Richmond: What we eatin’?
Heather Loose Johnson: Not sure yet! That’s too much planning for today ūüėÖ
Mindy Richmond: http://www.naturessecretweapon.com/ For odor removal. Super good stuff. Owner of the company is a former client of mine.
Stephanie Jordan: Just need the address, and I’ll be there smile emoticon need me to bring anything?
Paul-Dorraya WeaverWhen poor Fitch got inflammatory bowel disease and started peeing outside of the box (and it was also a side-effect of the steroids he needed to help him keep food down — uggghh) — the vet recommended this stuff — and it works pretty well although may take a couple of tries: Nature’s Miracle Stain and Order, Nature’s Enzyme Formula. Boy cat pee has that ammonia-like smell — so also baking soda mixed with dish detergent followed by a good spray down wit vinegar can help!
Heather Loose Johnson: We have done several things you guys have recommended. We are getting closer to the source. We have an ozone machine and the we will seal the basement floors. Not sure about rest.
Sherry Dunne Weaver: The house was too light during the day to use a black light to tell where their one is, but using peroxide/baking soda solution foams when in contact, and most of the basement floor foamed, much of hard flooring on main floor, especially door sills,etc all three floors were covered. So much around the furnace, spread odor throughout the whole house. I did get the Natures product, but could have used gallons I think.
Merry Dunne Blades: Unbelievable. What is the matter with some people.

MHNI Visit #5

Mother/Daughter day aka more Dr apts. We tried a new restaurant out today and are having lunch between apts at Noodles and company.

Really the only changes that occurred today were that Lyrica was increased to 150 mg a day and Imitrex 100 mg was added as an abortive medication.

I did receive the Doctor notes from my pain psychologist and it is always interesting to see what I talk about and what I am stressed about, etc.

Medical notes from Dr. Lake

Headaches: Mixed experience with headaches since RFA procedure with Dr. Shamas on 5/22/15.  She had some significant improvement within about a week of the RFA which would be unusual as a direct result of the RFA.  At that point she began doing more when the pain level was at a low range (1-2 on a 5 point scale), may have done too much, her headaches escalated, and she began to back off on the level of activity.  More recently in the past 2 1/2 weeks there has been mixed ups and downs with some severe headaches back up to the incapacitating level, but she understands this is still quite early to determine the efficacy of the RFA procedure Рwe would not respect significant results this early.

Botox: It was her understanding it would be scheduled today with Dr. Da Silva. ¬†I am giving her chart to our charge nurse to confirm that the product is available and planned for today’s visit although that does clearly appear to be Dr. Da Silva’s intention in documentation of the chart (unfortunately Heather informed in a passing conversation with me at the end of the day that her insurance will not cover Botox at this time – I did not have an opportunity to explore that further).

Return to Work Issues: We faxed the FMLA forms that she had given us to her work Human Resources group on 5/22/15.  Heather informed me today that although we had extended her return to work date until 8/16/15, her work has given her another form different than the last one that they insist must be completed today.  I am arranging for her to talk with Margaret in our medical records group to review the form and determine what might be reasonable in terms of communicating with them and actually completing this.  To get this kind of form completed on the day she is seen here is not a reasonable expectation, but she will show it to Dr. Da Silva and get his overall view of it.  I do not believe she is in any position to sustain a successful return to her former job at this time and we will need to reassess in early August if it would be possible for her to return to work by 8/16/15.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: She has had some episodes of significant carpal tunnel symptoms in the past, and has carpal tunnel braces that she wears when symptoms flare.  Normally she does not wear it.  She had some issues with her right arm that she addressed by wearing the brace continuously for a period of time, and function and appearance improved significantly.  I encouraged her to consider wearing the brace routinely at night, to minimize any low-end RE:incipient irritations of the nerve.  This is particularly critical both in terms of her work as a microbiologist but also in terms of her alternative potential employment as a photographer since she holds the camera with her right hand that is difficult when the carpal tunnel is acting up.  She has however taken some pictures recently of her kids showing me the change from the first and last day of school and a recent haircut and is trying to be more active in general.

Functioning: She stated she is trying to do more walking and other activities when she feels better, trying to find the right balance between overextending herself as noted above when she had those 5 good days in a row shortly after the RFA.

Cognitive functioning: She continues to report some words switching such as telling her kids “load the refrigerator” when she meant loading the dishwasher. ¬†Although she has had occasional examples of this occurring in the past, the frequency is now several times a day, and appears correlated with increasing her dose of Lyrica. ¬†She states when she does at the beginning of the week it is more noticeable and appears to improve a bit as the week progresses. ¬†She is currently at 125 mg twice a day and will be titrating to Dr. Da Silva’s recommended 150 mg twice a day. ¬†She is not sure at this point how much Lyrica is helping her. ¬†She did report some similar kids of issues at my last session with her before the RFA procedure.

Adherence with relaxation and biofeedback techniques: Excellent.  We did not have an opportunity to review some of that in session today but she gave me examples of using the techniques on an ongoing basis as well as helping herself relax as she goes through the physical therapy procedures with her neck which she feels is helping improve range of motion function as well.  She will see our physical therapist Andrea Sherman later today and request another physical therapy prescription.