Tahquamenon Falls: Upper and Lower

Started the day with a shot of Toradol and then headed out to Tahquamenon Falls and to see the Bears.  Had a great day with the family and was so glad we got to see it all, but it wasn’t without consequences.  I was very fatigued and had pretty bad head pain by the end of the day.  But we just took it nice and slow.


Off the Grid

We are going off grid for a week. Heading to Canada with my brother Doug, sister in law Dawn, and nephew Nathan. Looking forward to relaxing week away from the real world. So see everyone on the flip side!!


The 5 days we spent off the grid were wonderful!  No phones, no computers, very little electronic use.  The guys fished, the kids played on the stony beach, we went swimming and kayaking and had a fish fry.  The time away from it all was the first time I was headache free without the aid of medication.  Three entire days with no migraine…it was amazing.  And who knew it, but the sauna was one of my favorite parts!!!

What a great trip!  I can’t wait to make that trip again someday!  Although I am not looking forward to the actual drive 😉


Back to the Good Ole U S of A


Gideon’s Concussion

At the hospital again to rule out a concussion. Just a little concern but probably nothing.


Update: he is good! Just have to keep an eye on him. He is getting headaches and is really emotional. Over the course of the following 3 weeks he started wetting the bed every night, could not find words and the words he was using were pretty slurred.  We were very fortunate that over the course of time everything returned to normal.


Old House

Huge praise report…we finally eliminated the pet odor from our Old house. Just in time to have someone come look at it to do a short-term rental until their house is built 3 miles away. Hoping and praying that that works out well for both of us. I think it would be good for us to have somebody living in the house while we are showing it. We are a couple of days away from putting the house on the market and that is beyond exciting.



Gideon shows off his cast :)

I took a very “get up and go” boy to daycare. He was so excited to see Miss Tammy Foster Rodriguez and all of his friends and to show off his cast a little 😀.

I was in need of some quiet time to hopefully prevent head pains turning into a full blown migraine.

So I am grateful Tammy was willing to watch him. He is in great hands!!!!!!!!

July 3rd