My rock n roll boy. Hard core!


What would I do without all the fun and entertainment from my boys!  Love this picture though.



August 22nd, 2015:  I went swimming today…well I got in the pool and floated and tread water for an hour. But it felt wonderful to be back. Josiah is all signed up to be back with the Tiger Sharks and starts up with their summer stroke clinic and Gideon is signed up for Level 1 that meets on Sat. And Dan will be joining in with us any time he is able:)  Onward to a healthier attempt at living with these headaches. They aren’t going anywhere and I have really grown accustomed to the daily headache that never leaves. I know that there will be days that I won’t be able to swim, but today was a first step that I have been scared to take for weeks. As my children now say to me “smell my victory” Silly kids but I feel it was a small victory and look forward to more pool time.


Revival of the Jeep

The boys are super excited. The first Time we revived it we used a lawn more battery this time we made a step up and are using a truck battery. So i am sure it will be much more fun than pushing.

It was all fun and games until Josiah burned the motor out on it. He came in and told us that is was done and that maybe there was some smoke. Parked in our garage. Kids!!


Mediation with the renters

Please keep Dan and I in your prayers this afternoon as we go to court over the ordeal with our renters and how they left our house. I also ask for prayers for chest and upper abdominal pain that I’ve been experiencing for two weeks now and it’s getting worse. I am hoping it is just the stress of the court case and of my long-term disability. So just prayers all around today would be appreciated. thank you for all the prayers that you have lifted and my family’s name over the past seven months. What a whorl wind.

We are out of mediation and we couldn’t come to any agreement so now we go to court.


A new Migraine Gift

I have a new gift. I can predict thunderstorms :(. Maybe I should change careers. It is unbelievable the amount of pressure build up in my head when one is approaching. I had 2 pretty great days with very little head pain and then all of the sudden bam. I even thought to myself why in the world is my head hurting and then the thunder rolled. Crazy stuff.

Whitney Skeaze: We have some migraine sufferers in my support group who ALWAYS know when the rain is coming. 
Julie C. Wiles: Lol. Welcome to my world! It’s nice here. They all know me
Carol Rochester: I don’t find this strange at all. My knee is a great forecaster of weather changes! smile emoticon
Carrie McHugh David: I can relate, the same thing happens to me. So sorry friend

Missing Photography

Such a sweetheart! Hard to believe a year has gone by. And I am just heart broken that I am not able to photograph this little one on her 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!


AngieOh Heather ….we are so sad too, but we will make up for it once you are able! and we will continue praying that God heals you of these horrible headaches honey! !! ♡ ♡ ♡

Heather Loose Johnson: Thank you so much! She has gotten so big and continues to be so stinkin cute

Angie: You’re welcome smile emoticon Thank you, Heather. She sure is fun!!!

MHNI Visit #7

Update from the Dr visits: in short I feel like they are doing nothing to help figure out the cause of the headaches nor are they helping me to deal and manage my daily headaches. It was as if they had no insight at this visit they just seemed like YesMen. I asked for an MRI and they said sure. I asked for a possible sleep study and they said sure. I asked for continuing PT they said sure. I asked to go off of Lyrica and they said sure. I told them the reaction I had from the Botox which was a forehead full of pimples and terrible itchy scalp and their response was, it doesn’t look that bad lets still do the next round. It was nuts. It felt like such a waste of time. Plus the new neurologist came in introduced himself by shaking my hand said two words to the PA I was speaking with and walked out. It was so rude and not a way to make a good impression on a new patient. So the only thing that one Dr set up that he already had a plan for next steps is a C2 nerve block. So that will get scheduled, I will stop Lyrica, get an MRI, possibly do a sleep study, and get the next round of Botox is Sept.

I am so frustrated. Plus they are not getting their paperwork into long term Disability so I am now going in to no pay period because of paperwork ugh. So the headaches rage on day after day after day for 7 months straight now. I am starting to go a little crazy. The C2 block and the next round of Botox and I believe they can give me no more help. They acted yesterday like they had all given up on my case and I am again without a way to manage my daily pain. Sorry to vent. It’s just getting old.