St. Ignace, MI

Setting in for the weekend in St. Ignace. And it happens to be a convention of Mini Cooper drivers. They are planning on setting a record of Mini Coopers on the Mackinaw bridge followed by a festival. We got the last room in St. Ignace and it happens to be full kitchen suite with a bedroom where the kids can actually be put to bed. Great adventures had but looking forward to relaxing a bit a enjoying the pool and taking a nap tomorrow. Kind of like being back in Canada.  We did all the hiking and walking which lead to pretty severe head pain but now that we are relaxing with no plans and nothing that we have to see my head pain has diminished again. Hope it stays that way.

On Saturday morning I woke with minor head pain and went swimming.   After I took a nap, we went for a walk around town which landed me in bed and down for the rest of the night.  Luckily I woke the following morning with minimal head pain, but the storm brought it all to a head again Sunday during our crazy drive home.




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