MHNI Visit #7

Update from the Dr visits: in short I feel like they are doing nothing to help figure out the cause of the headaches nor are they helping me to deal and manage my daily headaches. It was as if they had no insight at this visit they just seemed like YesMen. I asked for an MRI and they said sure. I asked for a possible sleep study and they said sure. I asked for continuing PT they said sure. I asked to go off of Lyrica and they said sure. I told them the reaction I had from the Botox which was a forehead full of pimples and terrible itchy scalp and their response was, it doesn’t look that bad lets still do the next round. It was nuts. It felt like such a waste of time. Plus the new neurologist came in introduced himself by shaking my hand said two words to the PA I was speaking with and walked out. It was so rude and not a way to make a good impression on a new patient. So the only thing that one Dr set up that he already had a plan for next steps is a C2 nerve block. So that will get scheduled, I will stop Lyrica, get an MRI, possibly do a sleep study, and get the next round of Botox is Sept.

I am so frustrated. Plus they are not getting their paperwork into long term Disability so I am now going in to no pay period because of paperwork ugh. So the headaches rage on day after day after day for 7 months straight now. I am starting to go a little crazy. The C2 block and the next round of Botox and I believe they can give me no more help. They acted yesterday like they had all given up on my case and I am again without a way to manage my daily pain. Sorry to vent. It’s just getting old.


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