A new Migraine Gift

I have a new gift. I can predict thunderstorms :(. Maybe I should change careers. It is unbelievable the amount of pressure build up in my head when one is approaching. I had 2 pretty great days with very little head pain and then all of the sudden bam. I even thought to myself why in the world is my head hurting and then the thunder rolled. Crazy stuff.

Whitney Skeaze: We have some migraine sufferers in my support group who ALWAYS know when the rain is coming. 
Julie C. Wiles: Lol. Welcome to my world! It’s nice here. They all know me
Carol Rochester: I don’t find this strange at all. My knee is a great forecaster of weather changes! smile emoticon
Carrie McHugh David: I can relate, the same thing happens to me. So sorry friend

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