August 22nd, 2015:  I went swimming today…well I got in the pool and floated and tread water for an hour. But it felt wonderful to be back. Josiah is all signed up to be back with the Tiger Sharks and starts up with their summer stroke clinic and Gideon is signed up for Level 1 that meets on Sat. And Dan will be joining in with us any time he is able:)  Onward to a healthier attempt at living with these headaches. They aren’t going anywhere and I have really grown accustomed to the daily headache that never leaves. I know that there will be days that I won’t be able to swim, but today was a first step that I have been scared to take for weeks. As my children now say to me “smell my victory” Silly kids but I feel it was a small victory and look forward to more pool time.


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