2016 rings in with a migraine

Yesterday, the first day of the year was a great day. I had very little pain and was able to accomplish a great deal throughout the day. Probably too much really!  One of the difficulties of living with chronic migraine is knowing how to manage the good days. In fact this is one of the coping skills that I not only lack but I don’t even know how to manage it. When I feel good I want to utilize every good moment even though I know full well what the consequences are. The funny thing is I always block those consequences from my mind during the good day and always seemed to be surprised when the migraine takes me down.

So when the migraine started last night at a very low level I just assumed I would wake up feeling like I did all day yesterday…great. I woke today feeling ok but within hours the migraine took me down and I have been in bed for the rest of the day. And if pattern hold true I will likely in bed for 48-72 hours. When the pain gets too bad I will do a Toradol shot but for now I am letting my body keep me down. Plus I always enjoy watching my cue to Netflix TV series: Bones. I’m currently in season 9…such a good show. Today I learned a new trick to watch the show during a bad migraine;  I watch TV on my iPad mini so the screen isn’t so bright reducing the photophobia problems that come come with my migraine. But what I found today is that using an ear bud really minimizes the sounds that can increase the migraine reducing the phonophobia.



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