Stabbing pain…

The last 48 hours have been pretty rough. I am suffering from a classic migraine which means I feel like I am being stabbed in my right eyebrow and the four head above it.  I also couldn’t stand up due to the pain.  This isn’t the first classic migraine I’ve suffered from it feels like it’s been the most painful one at least for a long time anyway. So I have been in bed for another full day.


I couldn’t handle the pain when I awoke suddenly at five in the morning, so I somehow managed to get my injection stuff around with one eye open and did a Toradol shot which helped relax me enough to go back to sleep. And I was able to sleep on and off all morning. Finally around 1:00pm the Toradol had worn off and had to do another shot.   I was able to get to the couch and sit up for a half an to eat but I went right back to bed.

Best part about being in bed for so many hours straight…Bones!  The only bummer is that I am almost done with last season on Netflix.  I’m going to have to find another show to start soon.

The worst part about being in bed for so many hours/days straight is the recovery from that. Every time I stay in bed for more than a day, the following week is spent recovering from the farugula and the deconditioning occurs will being in bed for so long.


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