For my Future Self: Migraine Cave Update


I did! I started purchasing things for my migraine cave!! I bought a small microwave off of the Eaton Rapids Virtual Yard sale for $15, I bought room darkening shades so I could take down the sheet from one window and the Mickey Mouse blanket from the other,


I asked Dan if I could borrow his mini fridge from the garage until I can find another one, I bought a table at Goodwill for $10 (hoping the fridge will fit under and the microwave on top) stocked up on water, protein drinks, snacks, food that needs no prep and no storage and some fruit. Oh and oyster crackers of course. I also treated myself to two minion Tervis glasses that were on sale (but I have a feeling they may not stay in my possession for very long. I’ll keep them a secret as long as I can đŸ™‚

It sounds like a lot for my recovery day, but like I have said when I am feeling at all functional I have to things done. Really I only went Goodwill quick, Walmart (in and out in under 10 minutes using a cart) and Meijer (also using a cart). But I am worn out now and am resting.

Looking forward to my friend Dawn coming over to make us Turkey noodle soup and frost some sugar cookies!!


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