New migraine precursor possibly

I’ll let you know tomorrow if my hunch is right. The last two migraines were preceded by an enormous burst of energy that lead to very late night cleaning/organizing.

Tonight I was so addicted to updating my blog that I just kept going and all of the sudden it was 12:40 am. My time stamp for this post will be around 2:45 am. In between the blog and going to bed I organized all of my Migraine Cave snacks, I moved furniture and put the new furniture in place. It fits perfect! And I put the microwave and snacks in place. Hence the crazy burst of energy.

I hope I am wrong about this hunch because I could really use at least one more good day before I need to use my Migraine Cave. I still have to pick up the mini fridge I found today for $30. Very excited to get that in place.

I had a very productive day so if I do go down tomorrow at least I am prepared with food and water!!



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