Prescription Theraspecs

2/10/2016 I really love the Theraspec glasses, but I really hated having to wear two pair of glasses.  So I contacted Theraspecs and asked if I could return the “over the glasses” theraspecs and get prescription glasses made!  So I had to send in my indoor tinted glasses and use the outdoor ones for a little while which were very dark inside, but I only used them when I needed them.  At any rate, I finally got my prescription Theraspecs lenses inside my cheap ole frames from Zenni Optical.  And I love them!  It is so great to just have one pair of glasses to wear during the day and on cloudy days they are good for outside too.


6 thoughts on “Prescription Theraspecs

  1. I’m looking into glasses such as these as well. Where were you able to try them on? Did your optometrist have them in stock?


    • I’m sorry I never responded to this 😦 My optometrist had no idea what they were so I left them a brochure. I didn’t try them on. I have prescription lenses so you have to buy the frames and send them in to get the lens custom made. The sunglasses that fit over regular glasses are like any other over the glasses sunglass really.


  2. I’ve been looking into these more today (during pain-free moments), and I have a couple of other questions. What do you do for outdoor light? How did you decide between Theraspecs and Axon lenses? Thanks so much for any “light” you can shed on this. I’m hoping to maximize the benefit for minimized $$$.


    • I have both the prescription lens for indoor light that I wear whenever I have a migraine. And then I have the theraspec sunglasses. They are two different shades…the outdoor being darker.

      Theraspecs had a combo deal for the indoor and outdoor for $200.

      Again I am so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I hope you have already found something and they are helping!


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