Do any Migraneurs out there experience Binge Eating?

When I am down with a migraine, it is likely that I stay in my room for at least 3 days and I sleep a lot.  I tend to eat very little and what I do eat is not very substantial…I tend to stick to water and oyster crackers, maybe a bar or two.  This usually lasts 72 hours and then I have a day of postdrome (migraine hangover) where I don’t eat much and am still in bed due to fatigue, dizziness, nausea.  So now I am at 4 days of eating very little.  At the end of the postdrome when I start feeling better, man am I hungry.  I could eat everything in my site and I generally due.  And then I have eaten so much that I feel sick.  No urge to throw up or anything…just a cycle that I have started to see happening.  Just curious if anyone else notices this trend.


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