2nd Opinion

So I have decided to see if I can get further answers about my migraines.  Right now and for as long as I have been going to my current head pain clinic, they have only been trying to treat it.  But no one has ever tried to get to the bottom of the cause and looked at it from that angle.  So I am on the phone right now with Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis.  Jeremiah and​ Kelly​ and Karen,​ who knows you might be seeing me on your front steps.

I finished giving them all the information that they asked for and confirmed with my insurance that Mayo is in-network.  So now I wait until the neurologists review my case and call for more information.  They said it would a couple of weeks for anyone to get back with me and then I will know more about what their suggestion is from that point.

Until then I have an apt with MHNI on March 31st to see what they have to say again and which medications they will change.  What other ideas they might have and then hopefully I will have a better idea about when they might see me at Mayo Clinic.


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