Day 5 of ongoing head pain

The fun thing about having several different types of migraine is that when one isn’t rearing it’s head the other ones can join the game.  It has been a very long week and I used all of my abortive medications by Wednesday.  If I wake with a migraine tomorrow I will be taking something so that I can spend some time with my family.

The worst part about having a migraine that lasts so long is the sleep patterns get so messed up, I stay in my bedroom about 22 hours a day and I become really down and lonely.  I forced myself to come out of my bedroom tonight as much to be with my family but also so that I wouldn’t fall asleep at 6:00 like I have been doing lately.  But because I have a migraine I have put in ear plugs in order to deal with sounds.  The result taking that late nap is that I can’t get to sleep and when I have a migraine in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, this makes for a bad combo (as many migraine sufferers know all too well.  But I am always so tired.  So here I am posting on my blog.  I am also going to post my pictures from Florida tonight too.  This gives me a goal so that I am not as tempted to go in to bed and fall asleep 🙂


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