SSDI Awarded

I was told that it would take at least more than once to apply for social security disability insurance, so when I received the letter awarding me SSDI today, I was so very grateful.  I still have long term disability that will run through December of this year (at least the balance of what I was already getting minus SSDI).  Very relieved and I won’t have to submit anymore paper work until December for review.  So for that it was a good day!

On the flip side, the migraine side, the daily life side; my New Daily Persistent Headaches have been really bad lately and very persistent.  So much so that walking through a store, using a computer, watching TV, talking or driving are major triggers.  And when the NDPH are bad, the worse the triggers cause an increase the head pain.  The constant pain in turn makes me very tired, so I sleep a lot (16 hours a day).  I think the meds I am on are also contributing, but the constant pain also contributes.  So the only reason I am writing a blog post is because I did a Toradol shot.

In addition tonight I had an allergic reaction to something in the house, something I ate??? I don’t really know what caused it this time and it was the itchy eye, congestion type of allergic reaction.  I took a Zyrtec, in addition to the Toradol and put a cold pack on my eyes.  Great combo 😛  But starting to feel better now.


7 thoughts on “SSDI Awarded

  1. Congrats on the approval, thats a huge relief. I was shocked when I got mine on the 1st try and took only 4 months. I was relieved and saddened at the sametime. Its so heartbreaking because I worked hard for my career but also I had goals and even the ability to drive is gone forever. That’s hard to accept that these horrible migraines completely change our lives and nothing we can do. The struggle is the biggest challenge of our lives and knowing I will never get better only worse is scary and disappointing. Have to enjoy every moment because life can change in a minute. Congrats


    • I am so sorry that you are also having to deal with this crappy situation. And yes it was such a relief to receive SSDI and so sad at the same time. Have you ever asked to try prednisone to have a period of relief? It is working really well for me but I can only be on it for 2 months and that time is quickly coming to an end where I will be back in bed and living the new normal life again 😦 Sucks!


    • I had been told that it would take one or two times to get approved. But having lost my job and being on Long term disability with an avg of 23 migraine disabling days must have persuaded them. I didn’t get SSDI for headaches, I got it for disabling migraine.


    • That is the wrong way to phrase it really. I don’t suffer from headaches…people misconstrue your disability if you call them headaches. They are so much more. I have 3 types of migraine and a New Daily Persistant Headache (NDPH). I have anywhere from 18-26 days a month with migraine and have not found any meds, surgeries, botox or anything really. The process is long and you have to have a great deal of documentation from dr’s about what you have tried, and get them to fill out paperwork for it. So yes they do approve it for Chronic migraines in a nutshell. Most people have to go through the process twice. Just so you know!

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      • Thank you. That’s good to know. I’ve been through all the treatments without luck myself. I have the same diagnosis. I haven’t had a day without headache in 19 years. I may talk to my doctors about it.


      • I would absolutely talk to your Drs and start gathering data. It’s a lot of work but soooo worth it! Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions I might be able to help you with. And I can’t even imagine 19 years of this. No one should have to go through this.

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