Easter Wednesday

Easter Sunday: Parent Fail due to Migraine: The kids have no idea it is Easter and that is ok because I was never able to get to the store to get any Easter basket stuff. I feel so terribly guilty, but luckily I was blessed with children who simply go with the flow and are not very aware of time. Maybe next week will be better and I can get to the store and hit the clearance sales so we can celebrate next Saturday or Sunday. I figure as long as we go over the real Easter Story that is the main point and it doesn’t matter when we do that. But the guilt will remain. And back to bed I go. This round of migraines/headaches has been really awful and I even have a new one that I have not experienced before. And to top it off it does not seem to be responding the medications that I have on hand. But I have taken all the meds in combo and am hoping for some lowered pain time to spend with my family later on today.

Wednesday, March 30th: I finally felt up to being human today.  So I went shopping and got lots of after holiday sales on Easter candy and stuff. It was a lot of fun getting their baskets together. Filling the eggs and then hiding them. It was as if the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We even had sun and it was really nice out. The rain held out and the boys had a great time. So glad that I was able to provide “Easter” at least the secular version to them! Next up is the read the real Easter story.



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