I am starting this blog as part of an acceptance of a new season for myself and in turn for my family. This is a place to share my life in its new form without hindrance. “My life got flipped turned upside down” on January 21st, 2015. I want to look back on the last 11 months of my life and share what I have gone through and the toll it has taken as well as the strength that I believe it has built within my family. And as I move forward, I want to share how I am moving forward, the set backs, and the people who have shared them with me along the way.April 10th me


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  1. I’ve been getting toradol shots on and off for several months now, for migraines.
    They work pretty well for me, but I have blood sores under my skin on my arms.
    It’s kind of like ‘old people’ bruises, , but I’m only 43. Has this eve happened to you?


    • I do Toradol shots at home along with taking Benedryl and either Robaxon or Zofran. I do the shots in my thigh and rotate doing the shots in right then left. I can do the shots 2-4 times a year. But I usually take IMITREX or Amerge (both triptans). So no I don’t get those bruises. Ask them to do the shots in your thigh or maybe talk to your Dr about prescribing you Toradol shots. Yah I’m only 40 and can’t even see my future without migraine. Good luck to you.


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