Stabbing pain…

The last 48 hours have been pretty rough. I am suffering from a classic migraine which means I feel like I am being stabbed in my right eyebrow and the four head above it.  I also couldn’t stand up due to the pain.  This isn’t the first classic migraine I’ve suffered from it feels like it’s been the most painful one at least for a long time anyway. So I have been in bed for another full day.


I couldn’t handle the pain when I awoke suddenly at five in the morning, so I somehow managed to get my injection stuff around with one eye open and did a Toradol shot which helped relax me enough to go back to sleep. And I was able to sleep on and off all morning. Finally around 1:00pm the Toradol had worn off and had to do another shot.   I was able to get to the couch and sit up for a half an to eat but I went right back to bed.

Best part about being in bed for so many hours straight…Bones!  The only bummer is that I am almost done with last season on Netflix.  I’m going to have to find another show to start soon.

The worst part about being in bed for so many hours/days straight is the recovery from that. Every time I stay in bed for more than a day, the following week is spent recovering from the farugula and the deconditioning occurs will being in bed for so long.


The Plan v. 9.0 MHNI

Just waiting for the doors to open at the Michigan Head-Pain Neurological Institute.  The drive went well…now to go through hours and hours of Dr. apts.

Oh and I got to get a fun  EEG/EKG and blood work.


Apparently laying in bed for 6 weeks or laying in a recliner means that muscles required for sitting for hours in a chair are gone (deconditioning is hard to recover from). I hadn’t realized that I would be so sore from sitting in a chair.

On a more positive note MHNI is planning on admitting me into their intensive inpatient program for head/pain management. I should know tomorrow if my insurance will approve it and when I will be admitted. I am to expect a stay of 5-10 days if all goes according to plan.


Debilitating headaches

The headache continues at a level that is not quite debilitating and yet I still don’t find myself able to function very well. The light sensitivity/photophobia seems to be quite extreme lately so it makes it hard to be up and about. And the overstimulation/phonophobia (often brought about by to much noise or movement aka Gideon jumping about). So in order to avoid the headache becoming debilitating I hunker down in the basement or I sleep. None of this is the description of someone with a manageable headache.

I will give the meds some more time but I have begun looking into the two in patient headache clinics and both are in network for my insurance. My next call will be to find out if they have availability of rooms and what it might entail. I just want to get back to my family and to my work. Shoot I would even love to be able to go to the store or out to eat but the thought is terrifying to me. So prayers for guidance on the next step that is right for me and my family.



Rebound Headache is back

Bloody hell. It is as I had feared: Rebound headache take 2. And I am at one of the peaks tonight. Oh boy could this get more fun!!! I thought I had long cleared this hurdle. I had no idea I would ever have to clear it again. Not sure if it is really a second one or still the first but a second round of not fun. It seems every time I am on the verge of feeling better something else or the same thing knocks me back down. Trying really hard to keep spirits up because I know it could be so much worse but a continuous pain in the head for 2 weeks wears on yah. I had a few points today that were bearable, so it isn’t 100% excruciating all the time. It’s just always there and sometimes it’s just really bad. But I’m not really functioning. I’ve been in bed or on the couch for 2 weeks now. I’m on leave for sure until the March 5th.

Feb27th meme


No Desire to Leave

It has been almost 2 weeks since I went into the hospital. I was there for 6 days and never had any desire to leave my room. I have now been home for a week and have only left one time for a dr apt on Mon. Other than that I really have had little desire to leave the house. I know we live out in the middle of nowhere but I am up for visitors, even though I don’t want to leave I will always be social and I am off work for sure through March 5th.
I think when I want to start going places, maybe this will be the indicator that I am on the mend. So weird to not be experiencing cabin fever at all. In fact I don’t even want to leave my room much. I know I will and I
look forward to those days ahead.


The Plan v 2.0 – Dr. Wulff

I kept waiting to do an update because things were plugging along with little to no change with a headache that was always there but I was learning ways to cope with it by taking showers and lots of naps. The medicine was making me extremely tired and I was napping a lot. I am also adjusting to being home; the sounds, the lights, the smells even. I am still preferring a dark quiet room though which is to be expected with a headache of any kind. I am starting to gain back some energy as well. The Dr told me that it would take 3 days for every day I was bed ridden to recover. Ugh! 3 weeks to regain the strength I lost during my hospital stay.

Yesterday I went for a follow up apt with my family dr and we have a game plan. I am so grateful that my dr understands Topomax both on a personal and professional level. I feel so much better knowing that I am in good care. So that is good. However, after every Dr visit over the past 6 weeks something always and I mean always got worse. And this visit was no exception, nothing major. But my headache got worse within hours of going to the Dr, nothing drastic but the headache kicked it up a few notches which is a big bummer but not entirely unexpected really. It could also be the weather adding to things. The Drs said the worst of this rebound headache would be for the first couple of weeks and then only time will tell. But it sure is making me start to wonder whether or not I should just stop going to the Dr altogether:).

At any rate dark, quiet places are my friend and are truly lovely.

On a positive note: Gideon got excepted into the Great Start Readiness Program for next year. How exciting!!! My little boy is
going to preschool!!!

feb 24th