Head pain and the Unknown

I still don’t know if and/or when I will be going into the inpatient program. They are still trying to make sure my case fits all the criteria for my insurance to cover the stay. So 8 calls later I still know nothing. The stress of not knowing has not helped on the headache front. It has been horrible yesterday and today. I am having a difficult time Letting Go and Letting God. I know God’s in control but the whole relax thing is not going so well. Nine weeks straight of head pain really starts to wear a person down.

March 31st BS

I finally got the call and we head to Chelsea Hospital in Chelsea MI for the inpatient program through MHNI.  I really hope they can figure something out with these headaches and migraines.


The Plan v. 9.0 MHNI

Just waiting for the doors to open at the Michigan Head-Pain Neurological Institute.  The drive went well…now to go through hours and hours of Dr. apts.

Oh and I got to get a fun  EEG/EKG and blood work.


Apparently laying in bed for 6 weeks or laying in a recliner means that muscles required for sitting for hours in a chair are gone (deconditioning is hard to recover from). I hadn’t realized that I would be so sore from sitting in a chair.

On a more positive note MHNI is planning on admitting me into their intensive inpatient program for head/pain management. I should know tomorrow if my insurance will approve it and when I will be admitted. I am to expect a stay of 5-10 days if all goes according to plan.


Debilitating headaches

The headache continues at a level that is not quite debilitating and yet I still don’t find myself able to function very well. The light sensitivity/photophobia seems to be quite extreme lately so it makes it hard to be up and about. And the overstimulation/phonophobia (often brought about by to much noise or movement aka Gideon jumping about). So in order to avoid the headache becoming debilitating I hunker down in the basement or I sleep. None of this is the description of someone with a manageable headache.

I will give the meds some more time but I have begun looking into the two in patient headache clinics and both are in network for my insurance. My next call will be to find out if they have availability of rooms and what it might entail. I just want to get back to my family and to my work. Shoot I would even love to be able to go to the store or out to eat but the thought is terrifying to me. So prayers for guidance on the next step that is right for me and my family.