A Dream during a Migraine

The nausea is so bad today that it even entered my dream. I was at some random persons, oh wait I remember now, it was at our first day care, Kim’ house (I ran into her at Walmart yesterday) learning a craft.  I told her right away that I have a migraine and that I am very nauseous. She just said I was probably dehydrated. Boy did I get pissed, but then realized it was probably true.

At some point we were in the corner of a room because that is where the glue guns were. I have no idea what we were making and none of it made any sense.

I felt so awful. Why in the world did I even go in the middle of a Migraine and why the hell didn’t I leave. Oh yah what were Dan and the boys doing there running around being crazy. I told Dan he was going to have to help but he took off with the boys. I was so confused about what was happening, about what page we were on and even about what she was saying. At different points I remember having to get up and stumbling around to find it at her house.   I was trying to refer her to my blog but I kept writing it wrong, adding words, forgetting words. Then the pencil would break, or the piece of paper would be too small to write it on with the crayon I found. I was absolutely beside myself. Nothing like having and anxiety attack during a migraine in your dream.

I woke up from my dream and realized that this is exactly how I was feeling today. I had been stumbling around earlier, having difficulty finding words and I was and still am so nauseous.  Dreams are so weird!  image


ETran and Music Concert

First Ride on ETran

Ever since this all started back in January and I was put on meds where my cognitive abilities were questionable I decided that I shouldn’t drive.  And then it was confirmed by my doctor that should not drive on the May 7thcocktail of meds that I was on…so I refrained from driving.  Besides friends who have been so kind to come and take me places (Carrie McHugh David, Dawn Tomlin, and Christina Coblentz Yoder). and of course my family (Sherry and Bob Weaver) I feel trapped at home not being able to drive however most days I didn’t really want to leave my house so it was ok.   But I was ready to get out and out about a little.

But Mindy a dear friend that has MS learned of a service in her county that would pick up and drop off at her house.  For her this was wonderful, so she could go to Dr. apts, take the kids places, have options.  So I looked into my county and they had a similar service, called ETran.  This was my first trip on ETran.  It is really pretty bumpy out on the country/dirt roads, but at least I was able to go to my physical therapy appointment on my own.  The bumps in the road did however escalate my head pain. Just hoping that it won’t turn into a migraine.  It is a great feeling knowing that I have a way to get places if I don’t get too ill from all the jarring. Should be a short ride though.  Unfortunately I did have to take Zofran for nausea but the head pain only escalated to a 3.

I had my first Physical Therapy appointment today.  In Charlotte, Hayes Green Beach Hospital has all of their physical therapists located at Alive.   I was assigned to Luke who had had experience with Neurology and Head pain patients.  He was great but man did it hurt my head 😦

Josiah’s Music Concert

IMG_4539In the evening I had to go to Josiah’s concert and I so badly wanted to go, but my head pain continued to increase, and the anxiety of being in crowd was very real.  But I took a Toradol shot and used ear plugs and was able to get through the concert.   I was so glad that I got to attend an event for the first time in a long time.  Josiah is up front on the left with the solid blue shirt and jeans.




More Drugs and side effects! The Plan v 6.0 – Sparrow

Today they started a new preventative medication and  another abortive medication.

Zyprexa (Olanzapine) is an intermuscular medication that they were using as an abortive to try and give me pain relief.  Too bad it didn’t work.

Keppra (Levetriracetam): They gave me a 1500mg dose through the IV to try and stop the migraine cycle.  Unfortunately it gave me severe anxiety…and I mean severe.  I kept trying to tell the nurses that this was happening but it was an intern and she just asked me if I wanted some Benedryl.  “I don’t know, you’re the nurse, ask the doctor, can’t you see I am crawling out of my skin”  It was awful and I was pissed off at the nurse to boot.  I finally had to call in the main nurse on staff and have her call the doctor to come…I was very serious about needing help.  So they just added another medication to my list of medications: Elavil.

Elavil (Amitriptyline) is a tricyclic antidepressant.  So when they put me on this medication they took me off of Prozac, the antidepressant that I have been on for 5 years and was working very well.  The anxiety never really did go away from the Keppra.  

However at the end of the day I still feel like I am crawling out of my skin.


Solitude to chaos = Anxiety

After 6 days of almost complete solitude, I am having difficulty adjusting to all the various noises, children’s voices (loud and always speaking at once while banging on something) and sounds my house makes that I had somehow forgotten about. The solitude in combination with this wretched headache (which has really reared its head at different times throughout the day especially right now) has me now hiding out in my oh so lovely bathroom. No it’s not really that bad, it’s just nice and dark and my
mom brought the heater up and put it in here today and the heat feels really good. Bedtime with the boys is more than I can handle right now. For a week now I have only heard one voice speaking at a time. I haven’t really even watched TV. So when my head is really hurting and it is bedtime I am sooooo thankful that my mom stepped in to help finish the process:). I think I am about ready for bed!!