Solitude to chaos = Anxiety

After 6 days of almost complete solitude, I am having difficulty adjusting to all the various noises, children’s voices (loud and always speaking at once while banging on something) and sounds my house makes that I had somehow forgotten about. The solitude in combination with this wretched headache (which has really reared its head at different times throughout the day especially right now) has me now hiding out in my oh so lovely bathroom. No it’s not really that bad, it’s just nice and dark and my
mom brought the heater up and put it in here today and the heat feels really good. Bedtime with the boys is more than I can handle right now. For a week now I have only heard one voice speaking at a time. I haven’t really even watched TV. So when my head is really hurting and it is bedtime I am sooooo thankful that my mom stepped in to help finish the process:). I think I am about ready for bed!!