Preparing for Mayo Clinic

They asked me to pull together all of my medical records which are ready to pick up…just have to go and pick them up.  They also asked for timeline and medication list..I took that one further and made a list of all of the medications I have taken since this whole things started and if they worked, if I had side effects, how long I took them, etc.  I am really hoping that this will really provide insight into my journey over the past 14 months.

Here are the documents I have pulled together all ready:

I also consolidated all of my headache journals into a spreadsheet that shoes the number of days I was non function a month and how often I have needed to take abortive medications to help with migraine pain.


And last but not least I put together a binder for all of my medical records.  I plan on having a copy for myself and one for them.  It has dividers and an appendix and everything.  I did that last night.  So much fun!  Such a nerd, but I love it!  Organization is what made me successful in the work place environment, so maybe it will make the journey to Mayo a success!