Caffeine + Amerge = Wide awake @ 3:00am

When I woke I had very little head pain…but I decided to have some ice tea with Caffeine so I can stay awake and enjoy the head pain, which meant that I started doing things (I did get a lot accomplished) and talking on the phone for this and that which meant that my head pain increased.  We had Gideon’s Parent/teacher conference tonight and I really wanted to go and enjoy it…he was so excited because it was lead by the students…way too cute and we got to see what he is learning.  So I decided to take an Amerge for the migraine that was brewing.  That in combination with the caffeine means that I am wide awake still at 2:45am.

I completed my entire timeline of Dr. apts and procedures done since Jan. of last year (I had already started, but I finished tonight).  I also completed my medication timeline.  A list of when the meds were prescribed, by whom, dosage and if they were effective and if I tolerated the med.  And then because I was still going strong I made a spreadsheet of my migraine journals that show how many migraine days I have had each month since this started and how many days I have had to take medication to help with the pain.

So in a nutshell I am still wide awake, but I still have very little head pain.   I wonder what other spreadsheets I could make, I do love spreadsheets and organizing 🙂  hehe!  I believe that the first thing I begin to do when I start feeling better with or without the aid of medication is to organize…the kitchen, file folders, make spreadsheets, write my blog to get my thoughts in order, laundry, cleaning.  Praying that this continues tomorrow because I still have not unpacked from our trip to Florida a month ago 😛  Don’t judge!  Most of the clothes are summer clothes anyway!

Now I will probably sleep all day tomorrow.  That’s the way it goes. Oh wait I need to start a list of things I need to take with me when I go to Mayo Clinic…and I will definitely need my HotHands Hand Warmers and gloves.