6/12/15 As of today I am no longer an employee at Neogen; I have been terminated. So many questionable acts by HR and so much stress that they put me through.  So many of my migraines were a result of increased stress due to the idiocracy of the HR department at Neogen.   But like Josiah said “at least you are on vacation for the rest of the summer”. Glass half full kiddo indeed.


Today was one of the worst days all year and that is saying a lot.  But then again it was such a relief to know what was going on…I finally knew where I stood with Neogen and now I just had to worry about Short Term Disability which should be approved through Aug 6th as far as I know.  So unfortunately I still have to deal with HR..ugh.

And of course they wait until Friday at 4:00 pm to give me the news.  Oh and the way they spoke to my mother made me want to strangle them.  I have never been so embarrassed by an employer.  As soon as I walked out of the building I began crying tears of so many emotions.