Alien puncture update

Jessica Maurer: Hopefully your infected wounds aren’t from this

CDC investigates deadly bacteria’s link to doctors’ offices

Not really sure. I woke up while in the hospital with them. I thought it was a rash when I woke up.  My best guess is that I scratched through my blue shirt. That picture is the very first morning that I found the wounds.

Feb 19th

Feb 26th 1

Febuary 20th

Feb 26th 3feb 26th 2

February 24th

Feb 26th 4

February 26th Before and after peroxide

IMG_4157Feb 26th 5

Yah wanna know know something even weirder? I just cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and pulled the scab because it has concerned me all along. Under the scab is light blue. And the mystery continues. Still nothing swollen and it doesn’t hurt and no fever. Just weird. I am going to have my husband take a look tonight. As for puncture vs scratch. There just is no possible explanation besides conspiracy that could explain what could have happened.  Man now I’m getting worried again . It is so deep. I only cleaned out the one but you can see how deep it is and the blue color is still there. Maybe I will call the hospital floor where I stayed and see what they say.  But really I do think it is ok just weird.

(In the end, both wounds finally healed, but a year later I still have significant scars from these mysterious wounds.  So very weird)