Recovery and Memorial Day

The boys all ready for the Memorial Day Parade. I’m not quite up for a parade just yet.  So grandma and grandpa took them down to the parade.  Plus the recovery from the surgery is not going so great.  May 25th

I have been recovering at my parents. Yesterday and today were rough so I finally called into the nurse line and they let me have a second dose of Toradol today. So I am doing a little better today. The injection area where nerve is starting to die and is causing a good deal of pain. They said this pain would last a week or so and that the effect of the procedure will take 2-3 weeks. Just a waiting period now. Botox on June 10th which is again a waiting period.

As far as my job goes, I have no idea at all. FMLA has run out and apparently they have until June 1st to tell me if I have been terminated or if they will extend my leave. So it is out of my control and completely in Gods.

In the meantime we are enjoying our stay at Grandma and Grandpas house for the week. Gideon always loves hangin out here.

Here are a few more pics from our stay:


Garage Sales

IMG_4581Ready to go to some garage Sales. Just a couple. I am feeling very well this morning PTL. They warned of severe head pain. So I iced 20 minutes each side for 8 hrs and did a Toradol injection to help with swelling. I will take out the ice pack before going into the sale.

So excited about my garage sale find today. I love love love my new purse and I have been wanting a thirty one lined bag for my swim stuff. $20 for both in perfect condition. Worth it for me.

May 23rd