Hugs make everything better!

1/23/16 Friday night I had a very brief period of relief from the Migraine cocktail.  I was able to get up and eat and I even got some snuggles and hugs from my two little boys.  Love my boys!!!

1/24/16 Tonight after a shot of Nubain, I was feeling even better.  Gideon just came out, walking in his sleep, and climbed right up into my lap and fell right back to sleep and I just let him snuggle right up.  It was a little piece of heaven having my baby snuggle like when he was little.




Snuggles with my Buddy!

Snuggles with my buddy today are helping a ton. He also gives me hugs whenever he sees me to help make my headache go away. Let’s just say I needed lots of hugs and snuggles today. A headache that took hold last night still remains very intense.

March 20th
Good news: I got an apt with MHNI next Wednesday to determine if in patient care is a next step for me.  The apt takes all day in addition to 4 hours round trip of driving. So prayers will be much appreciated next