Mediation with the renters

Please keep Dan and I in your prayers this afternoon as we go to court over the ordeal with our renters and how they left our house. I also ask for prayers for chest and upper abdominal pain that I’ve been experiencing for two weeks now and it’s getting worse. I am hoping it is just the stress of the court case and of my long-term disability. So just prayers all around today would be appreciated. thank you for all the prayers that you have lifted and my family’s name over the past seven months. What a whorl wind.

We are out of mediation and we couldn’t come to any agreement so now we go to court.


Heads up this is a woe is me post

It was a great week of relief! But I knew the end of that relief was coming. Headaches are back in full. My job will only be held through next Monday and HR is not telling me anything except that my insurance is good through the end of May for sure. However the procedures that they believe will help long term are scheduled for next month which means whatever insurance I go on May or may not cover the procedures. Limbo is such a hard place to be and it is the hardest place to trust that God has a plan for me. And on the midst of all this worrying my headache just gets worse. I do try to relax and trust that God is in control and then I panic. I’m just scared and in pain to boot. I just wish for once that my HR department would realize how much worse they are making my headaches. They have been pretty terrible through this whole process even forgetting to tell me I wouldn’t get paid without specific documents. I just wish they had been more helpful and more compassionate through it all. But such is life and once again I have let go and let God. Aaaagggghhhhh. In the end I just wish these headaches would go away.

Kristen Long: Praying for you Heather. You should get COBRA insurance to carry you through if your job ends but could also see if they can move up your treatment
Heather Loose Johnson: I don’t know if any of the procedures could get moved up? Is Cobra the same insurance or is it a whole new insurance with new deductibles. We finally reached our maximum out of pocket. I just don’t know much about cobra except that it is very expensive.
Lisa Maier Hutchinson: Usually it is the same insurance just you pay the whole bill your part plus company part. What are the FMLA Laws. I know with maternally leave they have to hold your job 6 months. But I’m not sure if that’s flma or government job rules. I heard an add on the radio about a study they are doing in an experimental medication for migraines I’ll have to see if I catch it again to get website. They pay for all tests and stuff
Heather Loose JohnsonFMLA ends for me on May 25th. Meaning they no longer have to keep my job for me. Beyond that HR is being very tight lipped.

Lisa Maier Hutchinson: Oh man. That’s rough. I’ll be praying for ya Ok my prayer warrior friends. After time in prayer I have been given a specific prayer to pray while laying all of the other burdens at the foot of the cross. I/we are to pray for a continued leave of absence. So anytime my mind starts spiraling in the wrong direction this is what I will refocus my prayers.

Ok my prayer warrior friends. After time in prayer I have been given a specific prayer to pray while laying all of the other burdens at the foot of the cross. I/we are to pray for a continued leave of absence. So anytime my mind starts spiraling in the wrong direction this is what I will refocus my prayers.

Nerve Block Relief to Debilitating head pain




Saturday April 25th: Still feeling very functional today from the nerve block.  Four days now and they said it could last up to a week. But since I had a rough night last night I laid low today, so I stayed in bed just to prevent the head pain from escalating.



Sunday April 26th: another functional day.  We even went to Sam’s club to with friends and eat lunch.  Gideon’s favorite place to eat.  It was so nice to get out of the house and do something with friends…it had been so long.  Gideon was whipped on our way home:


I think Gideon was also glad to be home as well.  He loved being at Grandma’s but there really no place like home in your own bed.

Monday April 27th: My first day home alone and again very low head pain.  I attempted a couple of mundane tasks today; laundry and balancing the check book, but it wasn’t long before my head pain increased.  But a functional day none the less.

Tuesday April 28th: And another functional, low head pain…this sure has been wonderful.  Today I made my first attempt at doing taxes and then I made dinner for the first time in 14 weeks.  Pain never went above a 3!!  Good day!  And here is a random picture of my medicine basket.  Half of them are ones that I have tried and the other half are ones that I am currently taking:


Wednesday April 29th: I have been so fortunate with the nerve block actually lasting for this long.  I woke with a very low head pain.  I spent the day organizing files and then worked on taxes.  I was doing a fair amount of bending over with the file organization and that lead to a head pain spike but only to a 3.  I believe that stress is also adding to the head pain: money, taxes, becoming functional again, the rental house, a law suit, selling the house, oh yah and we decided to get the old house resided to boot.  We are working on getting our rental ready to sell and by we I mean Dan. We would to get the house sided and would like 2 more estimates. Does anyone know a reliable crew that could do an estimate?

In addition to all April 29thof this stuff that I have going on with my head…our renters left us high and dry with a house that was a disaster.  So in the middle of this Dan has been trying to get over there as much as he can to fix things and what not.  And I have begun compiling a small claim
s law suit against the renters and we have decided to sell the house…but it will take quite some time to get it market ready.  Oh yah not to mention what was going on at work, short term disability and all the paperwork that had to be continuously filled out.

Thursday April 30th: I still got to wake up with hardly any head pain at all which was wonderful.  Most of the day the pain remained at bay and I felt great.

I actually made lunch for myself today.  I made ham and cheese roll ups with a little ranch. A favorite in our house really. Anything on a tortilla works for me and then some days I just eat cereal if my headache is bad.

When Dan and the kids got home we all went for a walk down the road.  Which I vastly overestimated the distance that I could go.  I was almost in an asthma attack and then the head pain spiked really bad and I was completely down and in bed for the rest of the night.  But we got a couple of lovely pictures from our awesome walk!

April 30th 2


Facebook conversation with my Migraine friend Carrie’s mom Ruthanne:

Ruthanne Manger Ovenhouse:
How are you doing Heather ?
Heather Loose Johnson: When I don’t exert any energy I seem to be functional. As soon as I do things like putting away clothes and going for a walk the headache goes from manageable to severe quickly. Other than that I am enjoying my family time. I have a spray that I can use on my temples that knocks my headache down instantly for temporary relief.  How is Carrie?
Ruthanne Manger Ovenhouse:  Glad you are having some progress, however slow – I know you must still be so frustrated! She should be released tomorrow am. Nerve block has given her some relief – May last a week, a month or a year. I’m praying for a year
Heather Loose Johnson: Yes praying for the longer the better.


Head pain and the Unknown

I still don’t know if and/or when I will be going into the inpatient program. They are still trying to make sure my case fits all the criteria for my insurance to cover the stay. So 8 calls later I still know nothing. The stress of not knowing has not helped on the headache front. It has been horrible yesterday and today. I am having a difficult time Letting Go and Letting God. I know God’s in control but the whole relax thing is not going so well. Nine weeks straight of head pain really starts to wear a person down.

March 31st BS

I finally got the call and we head to Chelsea Hospital in Chelsea MI for the inpatient program through MHNI.  I really hope they can figure something out with these headaches and migraines.