Trigeminal neuralgia

One night of insomnia due to nerves about the surgery and a second night reading about the newest diagnosis and reading about it. They diagnosed me with Trigeminal neuralgia and that is why I had the surgery. It is also known as 5th nerve neuralgia. Usually it happens on only one side but I am the lucky 3% that gets to experience both side. I am also an Atypical type that is constant. It feels good to have a diagnosis but I also know that this may or may not be the end. But progress continues.

Dawn Tomlin: I’m up too. Just going to bed.
Shannen Rowe Dubose: The lavender I mailed you can help bring you sleep Heather.
Katie Marl: I’m glad to hear you are getting some answers. More prayers!
Vicki Kuhlman Johnson: Is it possible to go on long term disability with this diagnosis?
Heather Loose Johnson: Not sure yet. Just trying get my loa extended for another couple of months to try these new techniques out. I will start the paperwork process for LTD this weekend though.
Mindy Richmond: Huh. That was how they diagnosed my first MS symptom, but I was later told that was wrong. The left side of my face was numb, but I had no pain. Hadn’t heard that term in years! I’m glad they are not giving up until they get this figured out smile emoticon
Merry Dunne Blades: Oh Heather, you are a rare breed…….. Still praying for good things to come for you.
Heather Loose Johnson: Mindy Richmond I thought of you when they told me the diagnosis. I remember all that you went through in the beginning of your unwanted journey. There is a possibility that my B12 deficiency made me susceptible to this and that the anaphylaxis pushed everything in motion. My opinion based on my Google Degree
Heather Loose Johnson: Aunt Merry I am pretty sure that the possibility of me having this was 1 in a zillion. Makes me pretty special!!
Marybeth French: Hope this is the beginning of a number of wonderful days ahead for you Heather, what an ordeal.
(In retrospect, this was not one of my diagnoses.  I misunderstood the doctor.  It is simply the trigeminal nerves that are swollen and irritated that he believes are causing the majority of my problems.  The trigeminal nerves effect much of the forehead, temples, jaw and down to the neck.)

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