Father’s Day

6/21/2015 My Dad: Some may call him my Step dad but I really hate that term. He raised me from the time I was 12 until today. He (and my mom) have been there for through thick and thin, always! So today on Father’s Day I want to thank you Bob Weaver for being my father and now such an awesome Grandfather. Gideon saw a picture of you with Austin and Login when they were 4 and he recognized your shop and said “he has those boys in his shop painting just like he does with me and Siah. Happy Fathers Day dad.

My Children’s Father: Dan is a father that has had to step up to the plate and become a single parent of sorts.  Because I couldn’t help with any house work and I still don’t drive very often, Dan has had to really take on a heavy load.  Luckily Dan and the boys have lots in common and can sit for hours and play video games and he loves to read books to them every night even before I became disabled.  All in all a great father (and husband).


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