New Migraine

March 26th I am guessing that this drastic change in barometric pressure could be why I have been down for two days. Such terrible pain and meds are not working. A 0.1 change can result in migraine. This shows a change of 0.66.  And the pain is new.  It feels like someone has their hand at the base of my skull and their fingers are like tentacles of pain radiating up and over my head to my forehead.  The majority of the pain begins in my neck on my left side, at the top of my head where it is sensitive to the touch and has stabbing pains and behind my left eye.

March 28th: Today is my 5th day in row down with the same migraine. Meds so far haven’t helped. This seems to be different than previous migraines/head pain. I am hearing from others that they are also suffering right now. I just wish the weather would stabilize. I have no other explanation than that. At some point I am going to have to go to the ER but it is so damn inconvenient. So if anyone has no plans or kids to take care of who wants to hang out at Sparrow, let me know!

March 29th: Finally decided to go in to the ER. My speech was getting increasingly more slurred and I was having trouble finding words words. 6 days straight does not do a body good when it comes to migraine.

I have to admit that the service at Sparrow ER was pretty amazing, fast and very smooth.  I got there and got my bracelet.  I immediately went to the next person to tell them why I was there, and was called directly to give a more detailed account of what was going on and at that point I met with an ER physician where they came up with a plan.  From there I went on to get my blood drawn and urine sample.  Before I could even finish filling out the sticker I was taken to a room.  Within minutes a nurse was there getting an IV started.  It was nuts!  And awesome!  They tried the migraine cocktail (Toradol, Benedryl and Zofran) which didn’t do anything.  Then they tried Haldol and pepsid.  Haldol is a drug that I need to put on my “never take this drug again” list.  I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin and then passed out.  Still no relief.  After a consultation with a hospitalist to determine whether to admit me or try a Nubain shot and they went with Nubain and it worked like it always works.  I am heading home with a prednisone pack (which I plan on saving for a trip where I could really use it.  In fact I have felt pretty good since that ER visit and really didn’t need the prednisone pack.

1:30am Home again home again!! I feel so much better. Hoping that I wake feeling refreshed a little bit anyway. The boys did great. He took them home and put them to bed at regular bed time. Then when I called he woke the boys long enough to get to the car and went right back to sleep. Kids are so great like that!! Thanks for the prayers.



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